Heywood Banks is simply one-of-a-kind, almost impossible to describe, with a style his very own. Equal parts genius and buffoon, this songwriter-comic-singer-poet-musician has become a cult hero and a pop icon, with a show that appeals to college students, stoners, businessmen, yuppies, rednecks, punks, kids or your grandmother.  Read more >>>

“A complete and utter lack of self-consciousness may well be the most descriptive characterization of Heywood Banks. How could anyone who wears an ill-fitting plaid jacket, a tie from hell, one black and one brown shoe, shop glasses and a hairstyle from the LSD Beauticians Academy possibly have any hang-ups about self-image? Songs are sung with inimitable abandon. Between ditties, he partakes in audience involvement. Heywood’s show is well-suited for an entire family’s viewing and would be enjoyed by all ages.” — Eric N. Jansson

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Wonderful Tribute to Mom:

Dear Mr Banks,
My wife and I brought my dear mom to see your show at the Drop comedy club in South Bend a few months ago. She loved your show and picked up this shirt after shaking your hand following the show.
We recently lost her to cancer and found it appropriate to dress her in this shirt to send her to the crematorium. Thank you for making her laugh.
Plymouth IN

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